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Nov 20, Daily Happier Tip

When I Get Active… I Get Happier!

You are loved Very Much

-The Happier Family

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I love your little magazine and have been getting it ever since I moved to Delta 28 years ago. I’ve received it at the Quality (Thriftway) Market in Delta, UT for all those years. Now that I am medically homebound, my hubby picks it up when he shops for me.
— Audrey Fowles,
Delta, UT

I am holding in my hand an issue of Happier from 1989 I still get it from the same grocery store in Hayden, ID. I know
I’ve been reading it for at least 30 years! It’s such a clean and refreshing magazine. Thank you!
— Marje Peterson,
Hayden, ID

I live in Livingston, TN and shop at Jerry’s IGA. I can hardly wait for Monday to come so I can get my Happier magazine. I enjoy everything about it.
Thank you!
— Reba Boles,
Hilham, TN

I pick up the happier magazine every week at Service Drug & Gift in Harvey, ND. The Happiness Tip (To Love or to ‘So Love’) in the Sept. 26 – Oct. 2 issue touched my heart. Thank you for the great work you do to spread the word of compassion and God’s Blessings!
— Linda Vetter,
Harvey, ND