About Us

Happier Magazine Wilks Publications

Wilks Publications Inc., the producers and publishers of Making Your Week Happier, is a family owned business that after 50 years continues to brighten the lives of people all across America and helps thousands of businesses promote their services. They also create happier residents of regular homes, through their individual (including gift) subscriptions to their weekly booklets. Retirement and assisted living establishments, hospitals, rehab and dialysis centers find Happier a very pleasant way to brighten spirits and keep the brain active.

Myrna and Gilbert Wilks founded Wilks Publications and Happiness Magazine in the late 1960;s in Abilene Kansas. In 1972, they moved the business to Portland, TN, located just outside of Nashville. In 2012, Happiness Magazine became HAPPIER.

The Wilks Family and its employees share a deep commitment to help businesses put their name in homes and rooms by printing personalized imprints on Making Your Week HAPPIER Magazines and always providing quality content to help and keep customers, individuals, business workers and residents happier.